August 20, 2009

my brief encounter

with Xenical for the past few days
has brought nothing but EXCRUCIATING pain
my advise to those that want to lose weight fast is
to NEVER EVER try taking this blardy blue pill
which has a secret motto of its own
"everything that goes in must come back out"
it does that to me each time
i eat something
even water!!

pardon me for being extremely angry here
but you DO NOT want to take this pill
to counter its effects
i've just taken a LOMOTIL
to stop all the merry activities
also took a pill for nausea
cause that's how you'll feel after
each trip to the toilet
let's not forget cold sweat!!

i hate Xenical
i reiterate that Xenical is nothing
but pain in the arse

sick and offguard