August 19, 2009

whirlwind morning

with Sophia yesterday
my goodness
she is one hell of an entrepreneur
she's really got her engines tuned
at the rate she was going
we earned a pretty decent amount
yesterday alone

been to tarot two days in a row
another morning at tarot
was enough for me
i can't foresee myself going back there
for a while
unless if it is to meet somebody
thing is, it has free wi-fi

.:i hate candid:.

.:issit the lighting or am i just dark:.
course its the lighting
wait on second thoughts
it could be the camera

.:won't tell why i went outside:.
some of you can guess
but i am keeping my pledge!!

.:going back in:.
semi-candid hates!
managed to pull a pose


.:cool icy beverage to go with:.

when breakfast was done
Sophia went on with her work
she dropped me off at the salon
so i could experience the "tai tai" life
actually it was because she had someone
to meet up with
so i opted to wash and blodry my hair
while waiting for her

.:camwhored in the car:.

.:hello hello:.

.:what a poser:.

at the salon i camwhored too!!!
i bring my camera everywhere now
i needa get the other one fixed
or i'll be tempted to get the ricoh again
please save me from all these cravings
by the way the salon i patronized
was Yuki @ RH plaza
they are really good
my second time there this month


.:almost done:.

.:the interior:.

my belief, and strong indeed is that
the beauty industry is going to take off
in a really really big way
as i was saying i take vitaminC+collagen jabs
in the magazine i read
there were so many other types of
whitening serums
that are being sold on the market now
but mine is from Roche
that means its legal and FDA approved

.:stole picchas ahah:.

.:so so many of them i couldn't believe my eyes:.

i got my jab yesterday
i got a clean wash
a superb blodry
i felt like a million bucks
fuck it
more like
.:a trillion bucks:.

a morning well spent