August 2, 2009

♥ Curiosity ♥

killed the cat
is a proverb used
to warn against being too curious lest one come to harm
but not when u have permission

c'mon let's be honest to ourselves
which of you have not been curious
to know what lies in a woman's bag?
how many of you have ever wondered what is it that women
put in their bags
big or small

men these days are catching up with the trend of
carrying bags
not because they want to look feminine
but for men they usually contain some of their most valuable items
for us, it can help make or break and outfit

to point out the difference
i took a picture of *borat's bag
name changed to protect the individual's identity

.:inside borat's bag:.

innit i see a smart tag, strips of papers, medicine and a wallet
i assume
straight up and nothing complicated
and i compared it with mine

.:inside my bag:.

lipgloss, a wallet, a phone, some medication and a pack of smokes
hmphhh it'd have more things if i were to
bring around a big bag that day
lots more
you'll see papers and other stuff

it's cool that
men are bringing bags around
these days
are not confined only
to our species
its been a pleasure
my friend's bag
with green lights
of course

miss e