August 2, 2009

♥ A rendezvous ♥

at le Meridien
brought him and i together
for the first time
in three friggin years!!

i arrived first at 2.30p.m
checked into my room 3254 straight for a long bath
straightened myself up
before a friend picked me up
for late dindin at SunWong char chan teng in PJ
@ about 8.30pm

.:Sun Wong char chan teng:.

.:blogging away:.

rushed back to Meridien @ about 10.00p.m
and that's where i saw him...
sitting there like a goody-two-shoe schoolboy
clad in a navy blue polo tee
creamish white pants
he stood up to greet me
and i blushed
i did

we had seen each other very often on msn
but this was the first time we met for real
all three of us went to my room
to discuss what next
and it was mamak we decided on
the boy was craving for some good ol' char kuay teow
after being away for so long
in Singapore

after food we decided to go to Zeta bar where
exorbitant drink prices have no justification
i tell ya
the drinks were on me ;(
that's why i'm making a big fuss
the band was playing reggae
as opposed to instead of
house music i'd hoped for

.:at Zeta bar:.

.:the lead singer looked like George Michael:.

we lingered around till about 1a.m
that's when we saw ivan yawn
it was signal for us to go
he walked me
back to my
where we
had a short talk
about life and more
until i finally fell asleep
and he left me as i was before
he went back to his room ten storeys below

the next day i charged to his room
at around 8.30a.m to wake him up
for McDickey's breakfast
i layed next to him watching him snooze
but when he eventually turned
he took like eight min flat to get ready
boys will always be boys
fast and on the go

i hadn't had McD's since June
how i craved for the sausage Mcmuffin
and i must say
brekkie that morning was really gratifying
to the MAX
even the coffee was great
plain ol' Nescafe

mucked around in my room
heading to Low Yat
to look for my personal lappy
to no avail boo hoo hoo
so we went for lunch instead

.:the name says it all:.

lunch at Jarrod and Rawlins
was simple and nice
he had serano ham pasta with chilli and something
i had the portobello mushroom with bacon and cheese
ivan went for the lamb burger garnished with fries and salad

.:while waiting for our food:.


.:more tables below:.

.:serano ham sth sth pasta:.

.:my lunch:.

.:ivan's burger:.

.:addicted to coffee:.

.:view from our table:.

it was here
i learned the English ate pork pies cold
and not the Irish!!!

*****I learn something new everyday!!*****

i'm lovin it
pekchek tries fine dining