August 1, 2009

Pek chek goes home EMPTY HANDED!!!

.:green cube-like bag for RM139!!:.

.:Zang Toi heels RM1559 after less!!!:.

as i unpacked my bag
i actually brought back heaps of goodies
'inexpensive' medicine from our very best Gleneagles hospital
memoirs from le Meridien, Genting
and a whole lot of picchas
from the first day in KL
right to the very last day @ Sunway Pyramid

Let's count
1) Star newspapers compliments from LM
2) in house slippers from LM
3) toiletries from LM & Highland
4) 3 pencils and 2 pens
5) green bag from LM
6) tea bags - the very best
7) bills
8) one tube dress and one floral dress
9) one JT fedora
10) an "e" necklace

.:a&e reception counter:.

.:main reception center:.

.:the grand lobby:.

chose to buy something different this time
nothing from the usual
Topshop etc
or a cheongsam from Oriental Noble
not even a Dell jade green netbook i had wanted so badly
they ran out of them
the ones with the upgraded hard "dick" versions
so he said

.:tried on the military-style cap for RM39.99:.
bought something similar in Vietnam for US$1

.:look at her blinged top:.
little diva's from Kuwait!!

bringing back toiletries from le Meridien ain't stealing
i paid for it
*or rather he did i will soon find out*
some just choose not to bring them home
checked the pricing card
green bag not included
in it goes into my luggage bag
along with the pen and papers, hell even forbes

shopping aside
i was invited by Ivan
to his cousin's pad for dinner
first time he has done that
still figuring why i was invited
but nevermind, MJ was playing on TV
good food as well ;)

.:us after fooding:.

.:fan goes crazy over MJ:.

.:the gracious host:.

then we hit Coco Banana
where i saw scantily dressed male and female dancers
gyrating to pussycat doll songs
fishnets, FMB and ropes
attracted both the young and old
including myself
which was why i
forgot to take picchas
of the old ones
concentrated to the max with their mouths wide, wide open
will share more picchas of pekchek in Kl in next post
pekchek with migraine in kuching