August 16, 2009

Arranged Marriage

Adv: Nescafe Chill lah

The story below was created this morning in the hopes of winning Nescafe's attractive prizes for a tale/story/dialogue that includes not only its products but also the entry must include homonyms. It's really all up to you.

No harm trying my luck. ;)

Arranged marriage

Mum and I were waiting patiently for the matchmaker to arrive at the hotel coffee house. While waiting, I told mum repeatedly that I did not want to go through the process which was embarrassing especially if my friends knew. Her reply to me was the typical " I know what's best for you". Several minutes later, say fifteen, the matchmaker arrived. "Sorry I'm late" she said while trying to catch her breath. Looked like she had been running some distance. "I met with one of the prospects, Original" she told us.

"Original?" i mumbled to myself. What a name. Original. Matchmaker was telling us that Original is a typical Chinese with a good background and well educated. She said this fella had left a note for me. How romantic. I opened up the note and on it was scribbled" High, eye wood one two meat yew wan there". Deep inside i was quite pleased cause it wasn't that pressing and he didn't sound that desperate. Mum asked the matchmaker," I thought there were a couple of candidates?" Matchmaker ordered her drink, turned around and said "Don't worry".

Matchmaker seemed so confident of herself. She then proceeded to take her netbook out of her bag. I remember watching movies in the olden days that all they had were pictures in photo albums but Matchmaker had a netbook. This was becoming interesting. Well at least she had my attention. She was obviously skimming through profiles when she suddenly squealed in excitement and showed us Mocha. "He is tall, dark and handsome", she said. We had our turns to look at his profile. Mum said "He looks a bit dark. What if your son turns out dark dark?

Funny she said that but i was gazing at his picture. No issues in the looks department. I looked again at his message. Easy going and unpretentious. It said " Coll mee. Yew wheel nod re-great". I liked this one. But I wasn't going to admit to either mum or the matchmaker. But i took note of his phone number. Not something i would do. In fact i surprised myself on that one. The next profile that came up was Latte. Latte resides in Australia and is 35 this year. A bit old this one. And cocky.

Latte's message was "Ayam core-care-sean." Like he was superior or something. The last thing i wanted was to move to Australia and there he was telling everyone that he was Caucasian. I read from his profile that his father is an Australian married to a Chinese woman. His goal was to follow in the footsteps of his father because he thinks Chinese woman are gentle. "Gore two hail la" i cussed under my breath. There was something about Latte that i detest, and by alot. Eurasian la please. Immediately i told matchmaker, next please. She was very obliging.

She took her netbook back and typed furiously. From her facial expression, i knew this one had to be funny. She extended the netbook to us. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" my mum screamed. "You marry Mocha your son a bit dark dark, you marry this one your son super dark. How I show off to my friends?" I couldn't stop laughing. Black Roast was his nickname. His message? "Eye h8te eat two". I looked up and told Matchmaker,"This is the one I'd like to meet, Black Roast." Look on mum's face? Classic. She mumbled, "You better choose properly or else you regret"