August 15, 2009

Still grinnin ...

from ear to ear
cause i have finally found
a cheaper solution
to costly whitening jabs
the price to pay for beauty
is notorious
heck i get it done at a proper GP
those that go to beauty parlors
are the ones
that are ripped off the most
*pity pity

for eg. Singaporean star blogger princess michie
also receives whitening jabs
she, i believe is also aware of how costly it can get
in fact i wrote to her personally
to tell her about
my lil secret
secret no more
but that's between me and her

.:whitening babies:.

today marks a very important day
in my life
i, yours truly, have found
the same whitening ampoules
that i have been getting at RM150 per jab (considered cheap)
at dirt cheap price
from the same manufacturer
containing the same ingredients
gratification to ze max!!

.:fountain of youth:.

from now onwards
all i'll be paying is a small fee
to the doctor that administers the
jab and that's it!!
no more ripoffs
no more effin courses
no nothing
just me and my box of vitamin C+ collagen
*fuggen elated by now

.:ten little babies sitting in a row:.

fyi, some beauty parlors out there
are charging up to RM2,800
for a course of ten FYL
fat, obese margins, yep
unbelievable to the core!!
i've informed all my friends
and i'm giving them my price

***girls, decide for yourself***

i also bought myself a strip
of Xenical (RM70 $%^$%$%) that promises
to blast away monstrous fats
in my body
fyi i've gained 5kg in 10 days
on some medication and
i am really really really really really really PISSED
which is why dad gave the green light

.:true blue:.

and until i lose that extra weight
i am staying put
right here at home
not gonna budge
i am such a whiney babooney
i don care!

but seriously 5kg in 10 days is far less horrible
than recent scares like Typhoon Morakut
which hit Taiwan last week Friday
claiming more than 121 lives to date
hang on, the death toll is still rising
its saddening to see villagers that await patiently
for rescuers to bring back relatives
that remain still stuck
in the mudslide

it was reported that a heli crashed while trying to rescue those in plight

the magnitude of Typhoon Morakot left extensive damage behind in south of Taiwan

ya'll be paying premium for fruits!!!

thank God my relatives made it here
without getting hurt
scheduled to arrive on Friday
they got in on Saturday afternoon instead
on a lighter note
Matta fair is soon approaching
and i hope to secure my ticket
to Taiwan next year

*****shakes her head in disbelief*****
RM2,800? FYL

Excerpt from Radio Taiwan International - i picked randomly one la
August 15, 2009

The death toll from Typhoon Morakot has increased to 121.

The Central Emergency Operation Center also said on Saturday that 53 people are still missing and 45 injured. It is believed that the death toll will continue to rise.

A total of 21,199 people had been evacuated as of Saturday. 4,888 of them were being given temporary shelter, while the rest were staying with friends and relatives.

Meanwhile, water supplies remained cut off to 315,540 households, and 18,140 households were still affected by power outages. Also awaiting repair were telephone services for 8,642 households.

Typhoon Morakot caused the worst floods in Taiwan in 50 years. 59 countries and 19 international organizations have expressed their support for Taiwan.