July 16, 2009

Dragged out!

it was almost 10.30p. m when i received Christine's call
suddenly saying she felt like going out
at that time i felt abit hungry
so i agreed to take her out
she dragged me, i dragged patrick hehe

Patrick was very reluctant
as he was almost fast asleep when i rang him
i had to use all my persuasion power to drag him out
tired me out really.
he finally gave in and
i had to pick the both of them out

i got dressed and we went to tarot cafe on jalan keretapi
my first time there
the first choice was bing! coffee but
it was nearly closed when we got there
so we chose tarot instead.

.:tarot cafe's logo:.

somehow i felt that its logo bore an uncanny resemblance to another coffee joint
but was too lazy to ask for a second opinion
i took a picha of it instead ;)
i ordered a red lime plum tea something i was familir with
and both Chris and pat went for the
Milo dinasour
or sth like that

.:the f&b menu:.

i had wanted to eat at first but when i got there
my hunger pangs disappeared
think the roast beef sandwich i had earlier on was taking its effect on my tummy
i have been gaining weight lately
and slowly
so it doesn't show much on pichas

.:christine meets patrick for the first time:.

and they were like so chummy
i was wondering if they'd known each other already
don't get me wrong
no jealousy going here
just wondering when they became so close
no strange thoughts either

.:camwhoring as usual:.

.:christine and i:.

this picha is the night's best, i think
cause we both looked good
and natural init
and the camwhoring session began
snapping here and there
of this and that
people and belongings

.:pats and i:.

patrick was tolerant kind enough to agree to let us take pichas of him
other guys would have refused i think
i like him
he's generous
we even got the staff to help us take pichas
talk about being despos

.:the three stooges:.

so ge lian patrick
halfway sleeping and kena dragged out
me too!
dang christine
that gal is twisted
i was simply too tired to talk!!
left the talkin to the both of them
while i snapped away

.:let the pichas do the talking:.

.:pretending to be catalog models:.

brb. going out to take my shoes.
back! here are some more pichas we took last nite
lazy to type
i have one more entry later
of... you guessed it.
11th Rainforest Music Festival!