July 15, 2009

Hong Kong Mania - Day 1

Hong Kong was a refreshing change from Macau
oh how i loved Hong Kong
i think i left my heart there
am planning another trip there soon.

Our trip from Macau to Hong Kong island took around 45 min on the Turbojet
The famous yet efficient and clean red hovercraft that made the ride ever more pleasant


only downfall was that the meteorological dpt of HK hoisted
the typhoon 1 signal 15 min prior to disembarkation
but i am no stranger to rain
love it in fact

.:in Turbojet from Macau to Sheung Wan:.

like previously stated i've brough rain to almost country i visited this year
Singapore, Taiwan, Jakarta
Hong Kong was no exception ;)
loved it
drizzling badly but it was still all good
take a look

.:pouring H.K with typhoon on its way:.

.:in da cab with mi brother:.

took a cab immediately to our hotel - Wharney Guangdong at Wan Chai district
before we went for late lunch at some
char chan teng nearby
contrary to public perceptions, the milk tea did not live up to its reputation
or perhaps we walked into the wrong diner
but from the outside it looked real scrumptious, ducks and chickens all hooked up neatly

.:an array of pork, chicken and duck:.
salivating yet?

sad to say, not only was the milk tea bland
but the food portion served was rather small
as compared to what i'd get in my hometown
at a quarter of its price
HKD32 versus RM4
that's a huge gap, mind you


.:our hotel at Wan Chai district:.

immediately after the boys went back to the hotel
boys dislike shopping for some weird reason
while mum and i made our way through the crazy concrete maze
to Times Square
took us HKD20 instead of HKD4 on the MTR to get there
reminder to all: don simply trust ppl with your kachingching

.:crossing the overhead bridge to get to Wan Chai MTR:.

before reaching Times Square i could already
feel the butterflies in mi stomach
its been like a decade since
my last visit to HK
it was like falling in love again

.:heart skips two beat!:.

first stop at T.S was Burberry's
where mum and i got a bag each
later i found out she got more than just a bag
but shhh don't tell on me cause she won't
be reading this. tee hee.
when she told me to wait outside, it got me real suspicious
she said it wasn't nice to keep 'him' waiting

.:outside burberry's with new bag:.

Denis came over to meet me
for the first time in three years i have known him
he looked very executive that day
and was very nice to both mum and i
he took us around the central business district
to Lee gardens
LV, Chanel, Tods

he even had the courtesy to take me to the local tong shui shop
where we had the best mango sago dessert
grapefruit made it a tad bitter
but all round it was all good
so tasty and sweet
oh by the way, peeps, mango is my favorite fruit

.:mango sago blah blah:.
forgot its name

after more shopping we were famished and searched frantically for a decent restaurant
everyone didn't have an opinion
so i decided on Vietnamese food which was just 'down the road'
in fact several blocks from Lee gardens hmmph!!
luckily the food compensated for our long walk
so good we went back day after day

.:Vietnamese cuisine in H.K heh:.

.:interior of the shop:.

no joke!
throughout the trip i had cravings for pork chop
pan fried, grilled etc
no regrets!!
even though i came back looking like one :D
on our way back i took pictures with things we normally see
in H.K TVB series
like uniformed men, taxi cabs heck even cross light intersections
here comes the suaku!

.:blinged up Louis Vuitton @ Lee's:.

.:uniformed man, ahakz:.

.:another one:.

.:sogo behind:.


.:one of H.K's most popular icon:.

.:swaths of people walking around:.
[just like in the movies]

.:the pub with no name:.
or was it agave? hmmm

.:Mr B and Miss E:.

when the boys arrived at the cafe they decided it was a tad boring
so Barry offered to take us to his friend's karaoke bar at Causeway Bay which was a few blocks away it was a two storey karaoke which was very cosy and quiet but a while later Barry's friends arrived right after Transformers

.:l to r - moi, Kah On, BB:.

.:the boys:.

.:Barry & I:.

Barry impressed us with a few songs before we called it a night.
i had so much fun on Day 1 i can't wait to post up
Day 2