July 16, 2009

12th Rainforest Music World Festival 2009

The month of July is the time of the year when musical groups around the world
get together in Sarawak
present to us
all types of ethnic and folk music
helping put Sarawak on the global map
Besides LAN-È TUYANG Sarawak's ensemble of tribal musical players,
perfomers this year hailed from Chile, France, Finland, Hungary, Korea, New Zealand, USA
among others

.:2009 rainforest music festival:.

The year 2009 marks the 12th consecutive year this festival has been held in Sarawak
and its chairman credits the success of the festival to
the efforts, hard work, dedication and perseverance
of the Sarawak Tourism Board,
all performers
partners in the travel and tourism industry
related government agencies, the people of Sarawak
and of course tourists who have flown in from all parts of the world

.:xpax everywhere:.

The main sponsors for this year included Measat Broadcast Network Systems (ASTRO),
Malaysia Airlines and MASWings,
Guinness Anchor and Celcom
One could see Celcom stands or booths from almost everywhere
For two years HSBC was very active but not this year
not a single booth in sight
wondered what happened

.:Fab 4 @ RWMF 2006:.

Year after year i attend the Rainforest World Music Festival that is
held at the heart of the
Borneo jungle
This year was no exception
only thing was i didn't attend it with the usual Fabulous Four
Jimmy, Richard and Johnny
This year, i went with famous blogger Kenny Sia
the honor! 753

.:kenny and moi @ RWMF2009:.

what could i possibly say about him
so 'ayam gentleman' of him to pick me up at 8.30p.m
cause he had to finish up some work
we then went to takeaway KFC at Satok
before heading up to the festival

.:swine flu muz be the cause of a smaller crowd this year:.

.:had heaps of fun in 2007:.
-mi hair was still long then-
Channel V and MTV covered the event that year

the turnout wasn't as good as last year's i must say
but that was good for me
cause i didn't want a bunch of tall people blocking my view
i bought a pair of slippers
so i could tread in the mud all i wished
unlike the year before
the merciless wet mud nearly spoiled my white sandals

.:with gary in 2008, the year mud nearly killed mi sandals:.

luckily Kenny brought some portable chairs so we could
seat ourselves comfortably at the back
of the crowd
felt sorry for Kenny cause
both chairs were stolen on the second night
i went on friday July10th
Kenny was present all three nights 10th -12th
big big fan
accompanying him was pinkpau who flew in all the way
from K.L

.:damai puri after renovation:.

after the show ended
we went back to damai puri
where we were greeted by a host of tourists
beckoning us to join them in their room
for more piss
yes they were all over us local women

.:spacious bedroom:.

at RM550 a night i couldn't resist not staying over
that night
the room was very zen-like
spacious, clean and comfortable
the bed was oh-so-soft
not like the ones in KL
i have yet to try the heavenly bed in Westin KL
Kenny & i talked about it before going to bed
and no
we didn't

RWMF 2009 for you