June 19, 2009

Toys for boys

Of course what you see here is authentic and new unless stated otherwise, mostly items i have bought on impulse as gifts for friends and family. Sometimes, i forget ever getting them, and so presents were never received. I tend to forget a lot. My bad. Like the pair of Adidas sneakers i got my brother in Auckland. What was supposed to be his birthday present is now for sale because i couldn't find it that day. It is a Superstar II Adicolor green series G5 that comes with Interchangeable Color Stripes. Darn cool right? See for yourself. I hope he is not reading this, but he got his red packet that day anyway. It's a 8.5. So any of you interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. Some extra cash would be nice now.

Here's a brief description i got from another site - Adidas adicolor camo material uppers, with hallmark Superstar shell toe, white synthetic midsole and green outsole. Comes with pack of stripe inserts allowing colour customisation (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Pink or White) and fat Superstar style green laces. A real standout look for the Adicolor Superstar. Some more pics ..

oh btw, the MNG shades and bag has been reserved but i'll come back to that later. More pics.

cute, init? heh.

Next up is the belt i got for dad. He didn't quite like them & how did i know? It's still brand new. Call me if you know me. Email me if you don't. Or leave a comment if you want it. Burberry's, a 42. Photo credits to John. Nice work, pardner ;) you've really improved since we last bought your camera. Soon, I'll have to ask you to photograph everything. Who knows you may even pick it up as a hobby or interest. Or even make money from doing what you love. Woochacha... I still have several items, buzz me when you are out from the jungle or nursery alright?

Bought in KLCC

comes with original dust bag *woot*

my god, it's taking forever to upload. Please visit John's site for more pictures ;)

Last but not least, oh wait a minute. There are two more items. But that's got to wait until the line gets better. It's sick like me. i've a migraine again. Gotta go rest first. Will post them up later.

.:Sorry for the delay:.