June 19, 2009

Impulse Buying

The message came in at 01.17 on June 17th. It read something like this.
Dear customers, we would like to inform you regarding our MNG sales starting on 18th June (up to 50% off) Thank you and see you soon.

I mean, what the heck? You don't send text messages at 01.17 mentioning 50% off reductions. I went crazy thinking about the sales, and the madness the next morning. I had to wait until last night before I could lay my hands on discounted products. I had my eye on a vintage-looking bag and a pair of sunnies. These were the only two items I promised myself but no, I succumbed to temptation and that led to my impulse purchase last night. The damage has been done and no immediate corrective actions would fund for my shopping habits this coming Kong and Macau trip, where i intend to stay away from compulsive buying. As if. I was a total failure last night, and instead of just spending RM128, I ended up spending another RM300 more. In the delirious world of the MNG sale, I picked out nine items happily without thinking about the guilt trip later.

The culprit. Yes, I'm still in denial.

Frog eye specs ;)

i actually wanted it in dark grey. This was all that's left.

Yay, i'm a frog princess

Thirty minutes later in Starbucks I was so guilt ridden I had a migraine attack. Not only did Selly and I had to work out on the colored contact lens list, the HP mini took ages to connect to the Starbucks line. The whole staff helped, one after another. I was so ashamed cause they asked if the netbook belonged to me. I could only manage a feeble no. My immediate response was to call the rightful owner who was in Singapore and ignored my call. Prick. Somehow, one hour later I managed to get it up and running and that resulted in a full-blown migraine attack. Dang! He will take full responsibility for all my emotional agony, confusion and pain beyond description.

The confused HP mini

The ridiculous/heated conversation that took place between mini's owner and moi last night over sms. (international somemore)

e@10.56p.m: Your mini cannot connect to starbucks. Everyone's had their turn at helping. Connected to starbucks but not the internet. what do i do la?

b@11.21p.m: Restart, then open your browser, refresh and see if anything pops out.

e@11.27p.m: It takes forever to browse.

b@11.30p.m: You must kiss it on the spacebar. It is slow when it is unloved.

e@11.31p.m: I showered it with so much love I am in deficit now.

b@11.32p.m: It's ok. When i go back I refill your love.

e@11.46p.m: Unconditional?

b@11.50p.m: What unconditional? of course got condition la, diu

e@11.51p.m: What? After what i've been through? Pui!

b@11.52p.m: Think of how much the mini has been through. Being touched and molested. Then have to be told that 1k is too much for her.

e@11.53p.m: It is. She has been abused by a single parent.

12.20a.m - still no reply. must have been offended. haha. Darn prick & migraine.

IT clueless

What started out to be online shopping spree homework became a camwhoring session. As we waited for the page to refresh and refresh, we took advantage of my new 2gb Sony duo pro memory stick. I had been using 2x 256mb all this while and thought it was about time some hardware upgrades. I love my new memory card and intend to buy more. Yes, I am a shopaholic, without a douby. I am condemned to pay credit card bills my whole entire life. sniff. But of course i am no Rebecca Bloomwood. Just eeekay on the spending spree. This has got to stop. Yes. Today. I am going to do my credit transfer and do what someone in their right mind would do. Pay, and continue shopping. I am impossible.

Too much work ;(

camwhorin' session begins booyah~

ooops did i do that?

screw work!! and to hell with migraine

Hp mini bullying Selly, tee hee

checkered shirt going at RM35
this, is also for sale
RM1k for a brand new HP mini netbook
previously used by yours truly and le sia!