June 24, 2009

A series of unfortunate events

Just when I am about to leave for Macau and Hong Kong, everything goes wrong. Someone must have cast a sleepy spell on me and it has turned me into a slug, slow and lethargic. I have ulcers in my mouth and they hurt the crap out of me. There must be a constellation of them, like five thousand or more. I have an urge to eat a whole tube of Bonjela gel for speedier recovery. Dang! I just cannot understand why all these things happen one day before my flight. And with the H1N1 going on, cold sores, ulcers and heatiness does n0t help at all. I am hoping they won't detain me but in case they do, i hope it is a room full with amenities with internet access and a big fruit basket to welcome me. Dream on.

.:ugly lor, cold sore & cracked lips:.

I am going to Macau and Hong Kong! woot. Under normal circumstances, i'd be happy as hell, but the enthusiasm dissipated furhter when my beloved Sony M1 camera died on me. The flash bulb just blew when i tried to take a picture of myself after Sophia finished with my eyelash extensions. What is the use of extending my eyelashes when my camera won't even work? I called up my friend at Sony to ask if it could be repaired within a day, i ended up with a new camera instead. Well actually, the new camera was suppose to be a combined present for my parents for Dad and Mum's day seeing that they always took pictures with their cellphone. I wanted for them to have a decent and senior-friendly camera but my own camera decided to pull a stint on me just before i take off. I am depressed. very.

.:medium extensions:.

Well at least my eyelashes are pretty, the only consolation if any. Sophia must have spent a good hour or more on them last night, and i am pleased with the results. But my cracked lips don't complement them at all. I am so tempted to eat a tube of bonjela together with zovirax but since i won't be taking any pictures i am not giving any woots. My phone, two crystals fell out. It's been only two days, and two dollars have fallen off. Nothing is going smoothly, as expected before every trip i make. But i never left for another country with a mouth full of ulcers, cold sores and a dead camera. First of all, i won't be enjoying myself as much cause i feel handicapped without a camera, and even if my parents were nice enought to lend me their new one, i'd look horrible with cold sore and all. All right, enough whining. My lips hurt like @#$%.

A potential buyer just rang minutes ago for the Papillion. A middle-aged guy. I am getting suspicious. Each time he calls, he says it is for his daughter who does not own a cellphone, when i ask for her number. You do the math. What would he know about LV? Well, we are supposed to meet up today but it just may not happen because i am feeling like SHIT. And i need the rest, or i'll just spend my time resting in Macau and Hong Kong, where everyone goes crazy shopping or clubbing. i intend to hide in my room and just sleep. Money well spent? Yes, i think so. At least, i won't be spending any unnecessary money while i'm there. I am a shopaholic remember? Besides, my brother would have a companion, his uni mate. He doesn't need me to take him around.

Last but not least, the weather's gone nuts in Hong Kong. I was told to bring an umbrella. I don't like umbrellas. If i stay in, i won't be needing an umbrella. It doesn't matter what i bring or what i pack now, because i am not seeing anybody, except those on the plane and in the airport and hotel. Yes, i am being negative because i feel and look like shit. So much for Macau and Hong Kong.Yes, conceited or not i am going there to SLEEP. If i have made any prior plans with anybody, i apologize for not being able to make it. You won't like how i look, anyways. To hell with all the itinerary and plans. I am going to La la land................ Catch you later. More on items to sell in a bit. Booyah.