June 22, 2009

LFR hearts Shu Qi

LFR loves Shu Qi in many ways. For one, she has unique features that add up to make her look stunningly gorgeous, despite her wide-set eyes. The actress that hails from Taiwan is perhaps best known for her pouty lips, so sexy she beat Angelina Jolie for the world's sexiest lips title in 2009. That is not the only accolade she has won. She was awarded the best actress at the 2005 Golden Horse awards for her three roles in Hou Hsiao Hsien's Three Times. Lips aside, she is now recognised for her acting skills that has improved drastically since the early nineties when she first started out as a soft porn star. And her success has been recognized worldwide thanks to blockbuster movies that propelled her to super stardom. Her only regret was perhaps was not being able to work with Ang Lee in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the part went to the novice Zhang Zi Yi instead.

She has graced the red carpets of many international film festivals, from Berlin to Cannes, and has always been the darling of world famous designers including Roberto Cavalli, Dior but to name a few. She is not one to disappoint her viewers especially at red carpet events. LFR has picked out some of her best red carpet appearance in no particular order. The one i like most is her cobalt blue bare back dress by Roberto Cavalli at the 2007 60th Internatioal Cannes Film Festival Opening night back in Cannes, France. The dress was such a head turner she made headlines everywhere even though she did not bag any awards. Her ensemble that night earned her a 10/10 rating from LFR. Pictures ..

Shu Qi outshone many Hollywood stars in this R.C evening dress

.:femme fatale.:

Blue seemed to be the pick of the season with Shu Qi showing up in another blue RC evening dress at the "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky" Premiere at the Palais De Festivals during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 24, 2009 in Cannes, France.

Her fashion sense coupled with her to-die-for lips has placed Shu Qi fourth in Asian's nine hottest women list. At number nine is Liu Yi Fei who made her debut in Jet Li and Jackie Chan's collabo movie. The Chinese actress is very young and popular in China, but she is still a long way from the HK media scene.One of my personal favorite is Shu Qi in a bare back lime green dress at the Don Perignon event.

.: who would have known :.
.:From nobody she now stars alongside some of the biggest names in the industry:.

Of course these are not the only photos i have but i really need to get some sleep now. My whole body is aching and i have effin ulcers, five-six in my mouth. Stupid heat wave. To be continued..
So Shu Qi is #4 on Asia's hottest list of women this year according to US-based magazine Complex. Grrrr. She should've topped the list. I mentioned earlier that Liu Yi Fei rose to fame in Jet Li and Jackie Chan's blockbuster hit Forbidden Kingdom and ranked #9 on the list. At # 8 is goldfish-eyed Zhao Wei also from China. Her claim to international fame was a leading role in a Chow Sing Chi movie, Shaolin Football. Huang Sheng Yi comes in at #7 while popular Taiwanese actress and singer Vivian Hsu takes the 6th place with her dolly looks.

#9 Liu Yi Fei

#8 Zhao Wei

#7 Huang Sheng Yi

#6 Vivian Hsu

#5 Christy Chung

#4 Shu Qi

#3 Zhang Zhi Yi

#2 Maggie Cheung
Christy Chung trails behind Shu Qi and has reportedly left the media scene after she was married. At #3 is Zhang Zhi Yi who made her mark in Hollywood after playing the role of Jen (turned down by Shu Qi) in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Since then she has starred in many Hollywood films, the most recent being Hidden Horse, which i personally think was a flop. Bleh. Maggie Cheung is the second most hottest Chinese actress, starring in more than 70 films since her acting career begain in the early eighties. Her claim to fame was playing the role of Irma Vep back in 1996. She now resides in France after having dated and married Irma Vep director Olivier Assayas. And the award for the HAWTEST Chinese woman in 2009 is none other than Gong Li who broke China's heart when she left her country for her love of her life in Singapore.

#1 Gong Li

LFR thinks next year would be better for Shu Qi, heh.

Speaking of hotness, Lee Hyori would have been in the list if it wasn't because she ain't Chinese!

.:Stop panting:.

.:And with this, ends LFR's list of hottest women:.