June 24, 2009

No more whining please

Ok. I've made it quite clear that i haven't been very happy lately.... Now, i am no longer a whiney babooney because i have just received the colored contact lenses i ordered the other day. They look so cute, all lined up in a row. More importantly, the current ones that i am using can only last me a month, then i'll have to buy a new set. These ones, that i've imported from Korea, or wherever, can last me a year for RM40 a pair. woochacha~

.:parcel! heart skips a beat:.

Selly* tells me that the ones that i've ordered, mostly from Dueba (Korean brand) are comfortable to use and they are really easy on the eyes. i think this is very important since our eyes are very sensitive and you don't wanna use icky useless fake ones. In fact, all the dolly eye effect ones are all from Korea. In this consignment, only one was from G&G, the rest Dueba. There are a lot of fake contact lenses being sold out there, so be really careful when you place your order.

.:lifted my spirit, these little babies:.

.:love their design, but they got scary credit recovery department:.

I'm also feeling better because the peeps at UOB decided to waive my credit card renewal fees. heh. I have to thank Selly for that again ;) She flicked her magic wand and wachamala i was told i didn't have to pay fees no more. BUT, i'd have to activate the card and make at least six transactions a year to qualify for the free-for-life privilege. I think i received both my cards last year but kept them away because i don't use that many cards. confusing. But since Selly works for OUB, that sorta puts me in a compromising situation. Don't get mad Selly, meow~

.:the best facial scrub on planet earth:.

My exfoliant scrub i ordered from Nuskin has arrived as well. I'll be able to take them on my trip with me, woochacha. Even if i have cracked lips and a cold sore (@#$%), at least i'll still have nice smooth skin, hmmmph. Denis in HK told me that the weather has been cranking up lately, so i had trouble packing. It's hot one minute and rainy the next. Geez. Dunno, dun care. Dumped a few shorts and singlets and that's about it. You believe... And this is my new camera. eh wrong. My parent's new camera. Ta da.

I'm glad i got Sony after much deliberation and contemplation. There were so many other equally impressive cameras i got a bit confused after a while. I had my mind set on the Canon Ixus870 when i left the house, but i ended up with Sony because i've actually gotten used to it and it has a service center right here in Kuching. That just means i don't have to worry about sending it to KL for repair, yaddabaddayaddabaadaaa you get the drift.

.:freebies that came with my purchase:.

I know i said no more whining but i still have to get my own camera fixed. Kachingching! There's always mountains to move before you can kick back relax and enjoy. And then there's my car.

I'm impossible.

*By the way, this is Selly. see only, cannot touch. tbc..