June 22, 2009

Feature item of the week @ LFR

I have decided to feature a special item every week just to spice things up a little. From shirts to shoes, watches to bags, Lefitting room is a e-market place for bargain hunters. This week, Lefitting room is proud to bring to you Louis Vuitton's Monogram Canvas Papillon 26 bag. The bag is perfect for all occasion, be it casual or formal. The papillon features both high-fashion and function. Its classic shape and spacious interior is perfect for all your essentials. It can accomodate an international size Louis Vuitton wallet, a camera, a handphone, cosmetics and even smokes. One of my favorite bags. The exterior features a rich brown tan monogram original pattern, one that attracts the attention of all fashionistas.

Dimensions: 10"L x 5"W x 5"H.
.:picture taken from website:.

Designed and created in 1966 by Henri Vuitton, the Papillon has become one of LV's most iconic bags. With its rounded body and two straps wings, the shape takes on the form and spirit of a butterfly. The handheld Papillon 26 tote is specially crafted for the chic, modern and charming for the working woman, a basic essential in the wardrobe. Just a reminder for peeps interested, the bag will last years longer when extra care is taken of properly. LV lovers are aware that a properly stored LV bag can last you decades.

.: my papillon which is still in mint condition:.

.:Papillon 26 currently retailing for RM3,190:.

Some useful tips:
  • It is strongly advised not to store your Louis Vuitton near moth repellant which causes the monogram canvas to wear prematurely, resulting in cracks.
  • Stuff the bag with soft breathy material, such as old T shirts or waste paper. The monogram canvas is durable, but when it starts to crease, it'll take a while to get rid of them.
  • Unnecessary pressure by folding for a long period of time could cause cracks on the canvas or the varnish of older pieces, too. You want to maintain the shape of the purse while being stored.
  • Unbuckle straps, as hardware leaves dents and stains. Hanging it is strongly unadvisable
  • The typical felt dust bag that comes with Louis Vuitton is sufficient, but in some climates that get hot & humid such as Malaysia, it is best to store it in another layer of cloth bag.
  • Since the monogram canvas is vinyl it holds up quite well but it loses its sheen appearance. This is mainly because dust & dirt accumulates on the surface since it's bumpy.
  • To care for it, use a mild soap with a sponge and wipe with damp soft cloth. The monogram canvas is a print, so you could make it fade by excessive scrubbing.
.:reason for selling iconic bag - want to buy the blardy iPhone:.
.:Some extra features of the bag:.
.:Monogram canvas with natural cow hide trim and golden hardware:.
.:Zip top:.
.:Cross-grain leather lining:.

Party poopers, young mothers or OLs please don't hesitate any further because i'm letting it go at a very special price. Half of the original price. Please leave a comment for serious buyers only. Price not negotiable. Firm RM1.6k is a very good price for the bag which is good as new bought in Louis Vuitton Starhill Kuala Lumpur. Leave a comment, email me, page me, call me. I will be waiting. For your information, this item has been discontinued, making it a highly coveted item. Papillon 26 blends perfectly everywhere, at anytime, and brings out the fashionista in you. I am already thinking of this .....

.:i love the high street fashion look - this is quite summer-y:.

.: suitable for work as well:.

Letting it go for RM1,600.

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