June 18, 2009

Fee Fi Fo Fun for me

Pub hopping was so much work last Friday. From one pub we hopped to another, giggling and laughing at things that seemed funny to us. Captured some of the best pictures that night in our high street fashion sense. Yes, the dress is for sale.

We stopped at Core first but decided that Paragon was where we wanted to be since it was the new kid on the block. Before entering we snapped away, taking everything in sight. It was quite a scene. Goths, skinny jeans-clad guys, harajuku gals, color-lit walls and much more. We played with the SLR abit and this is what happens.....

Neon lights all over

Getting a sugar rush

The neon lights were so captivating, we took so many pictures just to get the effect we wanted. We got a few stares, but that didn't matter. The pictures were important. hehe. This was the side of the club. We then walked to the other main entrance and lo and behold ...

The Ultimate Entertainment Dance Club. This had to be good. Kuching has got to have a dance club. There is no proper place for clubbers in this city. I was elated. But i wanted to build up my anticipation so we spent more time taking pictures before entering the club. I was already conjuring images in my mind, the layout of the club, the dj consule, the type of music. Heaven's scent was so close.

He led the way, and whooshh as the door opened i saw a lot of things. Things that were different than I had imagined. Scrap the imagination part. Fact was, this place was packed as, and we were lucky to find a table. I was impressed by the size of the club but I just didn't feel the vibes. I dunno. The music maybe. One drink later, we were out. Hopping off from one pub to another. Entering from the back door just to exit from the front door. This happened until we got to Emperor where we spent a good 30 min with some friends. Like Paragon, Emperor is a new club in the Travilion entertainment hub and it was also jam-packed to the max. What i found amusing hehe were guys on the podium doing the pole. Yes, guys. Swaying and all. But it was all good fun. ;) Here we met Monica and Daphine that were equally tantalized by dancing men on the podium.

at the dj consule

with monica and daphine and friend

Travilion aside, there wasn't much of a crowd elsewhere, not in Soho, Ipanema, Mojo or even Silhouette. Picadilly's crowd was pretty decent compared with the rest and most of them were in their late twenties or thirties. Left the place twenty minutes later even though it had the right crowd and music for Lok lok at Jupiter's. It's a shame to admit that lok lok beat the crap out of all pubs. Super amazing. I need to go to a proper club and I've been bugging a special someone to take me there. That's the reason why you don't go out during weekends because you know you are going to go home unsatisfied and all efforts getting ready would have gone to waste.

outside T1

Right when we were going to call it a night, there was an invite to Rush Artistry, also in Travilion. Since it was only midnight, there wasn't any reason not to go. Besides, he had to have one more Guiness to complete the night. And i was fine with drum and bass and a few other friends. Several conversations later, he emerged with a pink face you knew it was que to go. heh. Though there wasn't a single pub or club that really caught my attention, i was happy we achieved our goal of visiting every single nightspot, except one.

Your best bet ;)
everyone comes here for a bite.

Oh by the way, did I mention the dress is for sale? Offer me your best price. ;) I'm hungry, nauseous and goodnight.