June 22, 2009

All fathers around the world - be happy!!

It's Father's day today. Falls each year on the third Sunday of June. Mother's day is the second Sunday every year in May. Then there is Teacher's day celebration on the 16th day of October. Google also tells me Children's day is universally celebrated around the world on November 20th, which unfortunately has not been commercialized. Anyway back to Father's day. We had a simple breakfast at Golden Arch, together with my uncle L of course. Straight from Wikidiki, Father's Day is a celebration inaugurated in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and male parenting, and to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers. Father's Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide and typically involves gift-giving, special dinners to fathers, and family-oriented activities.

.:photographed by my Dad on father's day:.
see the resemblance?

So lemme give you the lowdown on my precious father. My dad is a famed photographer, Lowyat, Mudah, eBay, you name it. He is also the technician in the house. Carpentry, not a problem. Oh, the most amazing thing, is, he also runs the lost and found department. He is the MAN of the house. No bulls here cause nothing goes on in the house "unnoticed". This is the side of him i've always wanted to inherit, i got the looks instead. i'm not complaining cause my dad is Bond of the east, to me at least. There are times when i go to bed wondering if he really is my Dad or a manifestation of a semi-buddha sent on an assignment to protect our family. Of course, he does not reveal his real identity as it may cause cosmic chaos, but i know. i really know, sedated or not.

He is also the medicine man of our extended family. He is the first person i turn to when i fall sick. So sorry to say he is and will be the only MAN in my life that knows how to care for me when i fall sick. I am not the only one he has to watch out for. There's mum and my brother, and of course my grandma who suffers from neuralgia. Let Wikidiki explain to us in detail what neuralgia is - since it won't load, i will explain it. Neuralgia is a term for patients that suffer from nerve pain caused by yaddabaddayaddabadda. My dad is like Panadol, he is a pain reliever (cannot reveal too much - cosmic chaos remember?), hence he plays a very important role in my ah ma's life. He is not a bogus-wogus Panadol, mind you. Two of his three closest friends are medical practioners, and he knows exactly how, what and when to spring into action.

My dad is a retired man. eh wrong. My dad is a retired banker. eh wrong. My dad moved his office back home. Now, he works from home. His personal den is an office, a sick bay, and is also a guest room for the elite few. ok ok. To cut the story short, my dad is Zeus + Hercules + Superman + House M.D + GQ Man of the Year 2008. Hear say, he has been nominated again this year by none other than yours truly, his fashion consultant ;) Though my dad may appear normal and harmless, he does have a deck up his sleeves, all of them aces. If not, how to score the prettiest girl in the school? To date, he has not given any details how he and my mum got together. I think it is another galactic secret, known only to the immortals.

I may lack a bit in the looks department but my dad has created the ultimate lady killer (ULK- patented) in 1982 through the bee and flower system. That lethal weapon is my one and only brother. Though Ench bears little resemblance to my dad, looks wise, his personality is much like dad's. Patient, persistent, stubborn and diligent. My hunch is Ench will morph into Zeus + Hercules + Superman + House M.D + GQ Man of the Year 2015 when my dad decides to handover the throne. eh wrong, maybe 2020. nolah, 2025. i dunno. That is alot of prefix, suffix, whatchamacallit etc etc etc. Another plus for Ench is his ability to cook. Just like my dad, he works magic in the kitchen without a manual. I think my dad is very biased. heh.

Dinner tonight was a quick but sumptious one at The Banquet. We had the wasabi prawn (fav), something chicken, something tofu, something prawn again, and not-so-nice noodles. You have to ask Uncle L why. Nobody knows but him. There were four fathers tonight, Dad, Uncle L, Uncle C, and Richard, my cousin. I know you want to hear more stories about my super hero dad, but it is 1.32 a.m now. What i'll do, is post up some pictures and find myself some leftover food to eat. Superhero is in checks today. He will only be receiving his present tomorrow due to unforseen circumstances at the customs department. Before i go, dad, if you are reading this, i will not reveal your secret. Cross my heart. ;) Happy Father's Day 2009.

.:photo has been tempered to protect super hero's identity:.

.:dinner with Clark:.
.:no reservations required:.
ok. Let you in on one more secret. He loves his grandson with all his heart.
did i mention he was a vet too?