December 25, 2010


merry christmas

first of all i would like to wish everybody a blessed Christmas
filled with joy, love and laughter
and all things good
after all, tis the season to be jolly

sadly this is not the case for me, not that i want to be a killjoy
on this happy day

but anyway, anyhow
maybe a long nap and i mean really long
would hold more promises than what i’m going through now

as we all know, i’ve been out of the clubbing circuit
for quite some time now
so last night was quite invigorating

or refreshing as i attended Su Wen’s birthday bash
it certainly brought back alot of memories
days when i frequented pubs and what nots almost every weekend

anyway moving on swiftly
i want to thank all of those who made this Christmas a better day
and to the bad people, get out of my life
and if Santa really exists (no harm thinking he does)

all i want for Christmas is
or maybe are
a jumbo Chanel with gold hardware

a trip for two to either Paris or Maldives

a walk-in wardrobe

a true friend

a pair of Loubie boots
HOT!Christian Louboutin Alta Arielle A Talon Python Boots 

truckload of accessories


ferragagamo heels

a toy poodle i call my own

toy poodle puppy

gorgeous hair like this

 heavenly bed


my last want is for Fifi to live real real long
so we can accompany each other
even in old age
that completes my Christmas wants

who says it has to materialize?
it is just a top ten list that i compiled out of boredom
going to the beach
*looking up at the sky, don’t rain on my parade
get the pun? nemind