December 27, 2010

A dose of pink

it’s that time of the year
festive seasons galore, parties, weddings etc
make you wanna go out partying and all
and shopping, definitely

moving on swiftly
i was invited to baby Suwen’s pre-birthday/Xmas party

the invite read

Dear all,
its my favorite month of the year again
cause it is the month we celebrate Christmas, New Year and
my birthday

i will be celebrating my XXth birthday earlier this year
on the 24th December and
you are invited to join us at

Venue: SOHO 1st Floor
Time: 10pm
Dress code: Pink to your undies
Gift: Only expensive ones are welcome ;)


that got me excited

because i have not been to a themed party in yonks!!
although my get-up wasn’t exactly in the pinkest of the shade
i chose one that showed a subtle shade of pink
the present? pink of course, hehe

i’ll let the picchas do the talking ;)

excited as i was
i left at the stroke of midnight
or maybe a little after 

hearsay the crowd got bigger and bigger
and everyone was merry and drunk, in a good way

happy for Alexandra