November 20, 2010

My birthday wish(es)

each year i have a ballistic birthday celebration
but i'd trade all that for
something that i really like
bet you guys dunno what i like, right?

oklah since you are still reading this
might as well share with you guys although there's no point
since the people that will give, wouldn't be reading

my bday wishes:

1. TV for my room (bf buy liao) happy la of course
2. DVD player (fulfilled)
3. Trip to either Taiwan/HK/Korea/Japan
4. my own house to decorate
5. somebody to support/sponsor my MBA studies
6. a makeover especially hair
7. a new ride - bored of my cooper haha nolah
8. legs as long as Giselle .. (overnight)
9. Fifi to be immortal
10. strike LOTTERY


if no 10 happens, means can die happy liao!!

pray hope it will happen, cause im very generous
and will buy a present for you

so when i start buying lottkery i tell you k?