November 30, 2010

Hello Taipei – Day 5

Continuing from the day before

Day 5 started pretty early as the family wanted to go to the temple

for prayers and what not

iPhone pics 207

a good one-two hours later

the whole group went for lunch at one of the better restaurants in Banciao

we must have ordered tens of dishes

at least it was a smorgasbord of them


but i was pining for fast food eg McD or KFC

cause i was tired of eating Taiwanese food already!!

iPhone pics 209


iPhone pics 211


iPhone pics 214

(notice how thin the skin is??)

iPhone pics 215

this is the perennial favorite among the old folks….

iPhone pics 218

delectable fried man tous that came with it

iPhone pics 222


iPhone pics 223

funny how everything is red and orangey

iPhone pics 227


iPhone pics 228


iPhone pics 230


iPhone pics 235


honestly, everyone had great pickup but lost momentum towards the end

as we chattered throughout lunch

a family friend suggested that we went to Bitan in Xindian

i was elated at the thought of Xindian (Shu qi’s birthtown)

and nodded my head furiously agreeing that we made a stop there


but first i had to go back to Breeze Center to get my bag from Agnes B

i saw a bag that i really liked the night before

which i didn’t buy on impulse and that startled the bf

somehow he sensed that i really liked it and encouraged me to go get it


*hello, no makeup the whole time i was in Taipei

i know i look pale & yucky

i didn’t even put on blusher lo!!!!!!!!

after we sussed that out we began our journey to Bitan

if you look at the MRT map, it is right at the end of the Danshui (red) line

we were told that Bitan was very very romantic

and had a unique color-changing bridge (equally puzzled) like wtf..

but the weather was not on our side, it rained, wtf


we not only had to dodge the rain, we also had to brave the cold!!!

but since we were already there, we snapped a few pictures

and the beauty of the place didn’t translate into the pictures, boy was i disappointed!!

the bf, was, however persistent and insisted we waited it out


and so we parked our arses at Mr Brown (reminded me of Coffee Bean)

chatted over dinner and coffee, and fiddled on our iPhones for two hours

and the rain hadn’t stop!!

that said, we decided to buy clothes and accessories for our phones



and since we couldn’t find any pirated ones during our stay there

we had no choice but to buy it from

an apple outlet at Global mall

and out of the blue (i think it was the rain)


the bf began to have cravings for steamboat …. and thus

we looked around at the foodcourt but the bf kept whining and whining

that we ate steamboat elsewhere

although i was already very tired and feeling gloomy like the weather

i wanted him to be happy and his cravings satiated


we finally found one near our homestay

and the experience turned out pretty darned good

*(i officially like steamboat now) and i crave for it until today

they charge NTD100 per person (ONLY)


and the personal wok was kinda big, portion was huge

enough for the two of us !!!

unlike here where we pay RM50-RM80 for something decent

and that is still not comparable to what we had that night…. i’m salivating already


you know how when it rains and then

you’d love to have something soupy?

if there is something i miss most about Taipei

i’d have to say STEAMBOAT!!