August 24, 2010

It's fuckall time

another month has passed without noticing it
considering that i'm always complaining that time is stagnant
especially when i am bumming around
most of the time

and even though i muck around mostly
i still have to pay bills
absurd innit?
i've managed to curb myself from online shopping
the parcels are not coming in anymore
(i miss mr postman)
cut down on most things that require money
and i still get letters from banks

i don't remember signing for anything lately
but then that could be just part of my deteriorating memory bank
and in an effort to save moolah
i've even switched to Digi for unlimited data use for my BB
mind boggling

i'm not gonna post up my bills
but there are shitloads of them trust me
i'm thinking of selling my car
since i don't use it very often, sounds like a good plan??
maybe i would, just maybe

okla okla
it is not as bad as i portray it to be
but for a jobless person
it does get pretty upsetting lo when these bills arrive
slow and steady
i will get those bills sussed out
besides i already cleared alot - like two to three cards

imma make a new resolution now
note to self: stop using future money or borrowed credit
put a reminder everyday for the rest of the year
i really gotta start saving for my trip to Taiwan
i hate window shopping
eh but hor, like since i started to save money
i actually have become quite spendthrift/frugal sth like that
just not KIAM SIAP ok?

O.o btw
of the pile of letters i have on my table
there is actually one that i like
Maybank has sent me a note reminding me to collect my new card
i hope they didnt make it too nice
then i'd find it too irresistable
hence the shopping habit will auto start again

wattodo wattodo