August 17, 2010

Control freak vs Couldn't care less

who would you choose
a boyfriend who is a
control freak or one who couldn't care less?
let me tell you something
when you are faced with a question like that
and you have no choice but to pick one
the grass is always greener on the other side

A control freak is someone
that has to have total control over you
the people you can/cannot see
things you can/can't do
how you present yourself
etiquette, clothes, shoes and even how you wear your hair
he must have a say in every aspect of your miserable life

some would envy those who have a bf like that
because to them it means he cares and loves you lots
and they'd kill to have someone like that
to feel smothered with love
never having to choose or decide
because your path is paved
all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride

now for those who've been suffocated like that
would love to have freedom
that's where Mr. Couldn't care less comes in
he doesn't question where you go
what you do
you're like a dove and you soar beyond the horizon
because you are spoilt for choices

Having Mr CCL means you have to be a tough cookie
knowing what it is that you are actually doing
because he wouldn't give two hoots about you getting into shit
it is all very mature
and please, forget about being emotional cause
it doesn't mean anything to him

so there you go
you have the pros and cons
and you don't have a in-between
because life sucks and nobody is perfect
there is, however, another way around this
you stay single and you just mingle
no strings attached

no strings attached... hmmm sounds great
until you see everyone around you starting to tie the knot
pushing babies around in strollers
not being able to watch movies cause
everyone is too busy with what they are doing
doesn't sound that perfect anymore does it?

life is a bitch
so deal with it