August 7, 2010

Beyond is coming to town!!

YES!! for the first time in many years
Hong Kong's Canto-rock boy band is coming to perform
in this sleepy town of mine
Beyond used to be so popular during its heydays in the early 90's
but that began to wane with 
the death of its lead singer Wong Ka Kui
who fell off the stage during a performance in Tokyo

Since then his younger brother has taken over 
as the lead vocalist
he may not be as good as his brother was
but it's still good
I am thinking their concert would be filled with many classics 
ones that propelled them to superstardom
songs like 海闊天空 (Boundless Oceans Vast Skies) & 光輝歲月 (Glorious Years)
and many many more
*my personal favorite is 情人
 image reference:
tickets can be bought at any Speedy outlet
and prices are going at 
RM128, RM228, RM308 and VIP for RM388
for more information 
please log on to
i have to say that this is a chance of a lifetime that
a band with such status is coming to perform live in Kuching

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