August 6, 2010

Another sombre day

it is today
i've had to deal with the bf
and also the fact that my cousin will not be coming back
he was to me
easily one of my best cousins
articulate, creative and a lady's man
he was liked by much

but God took him away from us
as his sister said
he was gone too soon
he has not even tasted life yet
but as the bf said
the body is only a house for the soul
and now he is off to a better place
one that is not filled with evil, violence and greed

i am a believer
i choose to believe him
but that doesn't mean i am not grief-stricken
i've had to go through so much pain
of losing loved ones one after another
can you spare me a break?
if there was a wishing star
or more
i'd wish everyone a safe and healthy life

To my cousin
i hope you are good wherever you are
i'd save for you a place in my heart
and as you look down upon us
please make sure your mum and family are alright
still i need some time to accept the fact that you are gone
but i will learn, as i have with Titi koko and Ah Ma's departure