April 30, 2010

words cannot describe

how dumbfucked i feel right now
the day started the same way as any other day
B brought coffee and fried rice over for breakfast
*so sweet*
but he also crushed me poor heart
when he told me that we shouldn't have booked tickets so early
and so i asked what tickets

tickets to KL he said
because khalil will be coming 
for his live performance at the Arena of Stars in Genting
and i have booked tickets for a week earlier
damn damn dang!

i so wanna curl up in my bed and sleep forever
there is no way i can change the dates
especially when traveling on promotional fares
or can I?
can anyone tell me

if it is any consolation
at least i'm watching Ip Man 2 tonight
i still want Khalil Fong though
nemind i hate today

go Khalil