April 29, 2010

nagging woes - humbug

my parents have been hustling me to buy my tickets to KL
not that i don't want to but they are rushing me to do it
when i know nuts about their itinerary
as far as i know my mum and aunty Lim are planning a trip to Singapore
but not before attending a wedding reception in KL
hearsay dad's not really wanting to do a day trip *excuse? old age*

oh well after a lecture during breakfast
i decided to take the matter in my own hands
yes, reservations for two has been made 
flying our national carrier Malaysia Airlines
oh gawd i can already feel that this is going to be helluva tired trip
arriving early morning and leaving the next day

this kinda lifestyle seriously are meant for businessman
pilots, stewardess and all
i'm half my father's age so i know what he goes through everyday
i have the same stress only not as intense
so.. i'm waiting for my Kim Gary
dunno what baby wants, but mesti local food
believe it or not

we shall see