April 22, 2010

scars and pock marks

are highly annoying if they are on the legs or anywhere palpable 
i used to have heaps of them in my younger days
and remember feeling on top of the world
when my mum brought me to a doctor
and he solved the problem with a jab
voila, smooth skin 
almost immediately

i've been craving for that jab
unfortunately my mum couldn't remember which doctor it was
oi 1986 is a long time ago....
so i had to go around on my own
with some information and snooping around of my own
i patronized Wong Yien beauty center yesterday
i was such an easy sell
after the lady briefed me through the procedure 
i was like yea let's do it

i took all my jewelry off and 
followed her to a small room with a small bed on level 2
and the process began
with somekind of robot-like apparatus 
she worked on my two legs which had the most pock marks
the procedure was over in about 10 min
and i had high hopes that the minute i got into the car
all would be gone

gullible yes?
my legs were not only professionally burnt
i was professionally charged as well
1 1/2 square centimeter for RM25
10 spots for RM250
it was such a pain for me to pay in cash
but a credit card came outta nowhere
i turned around and it was baby who offered to pay

don't misunderstand me
i'm not saying all boyfriends would pay
but it is just a bonus if they do
and mine did
wala wala walala
sidetracked sorry
well the scars are still there
and the laser marks are still visible

looks like i'm gonna have to go back for optimized results
by the way i held on to baby's hands like i was going through labor
the nurses were giggling but i was ok

pray and hope my legs get better

big bear hugsss