April 21, 2010

10 things i want xxxx lolol

here's my top ten list of wants
in random order
  • longer hair .. Rapunzel-like.. almost there
  • finish blinging my hello kitty calculator
  • Balenciaga got it or Miu Miu bag
  • white 16gb 3gs iPhone (yes i know i have a BB)
  • more holidays (only one faraway trip to Taiwan in October)
  • another LV wallet for baby ---- got him a MontBlanc already
  • remove unwanted scars on me legs .. first session today
  • lose 10kg before i go to Taiwan
  • maybe a home system been thinking for quite long
  • F . A . I . R . E . R
actual list is longer
but let's not be greedy and be content with a few items that i recently got
and no this entry is not an insinuation for my baby!!
don't perasan la k?
everybody has a secret wish list
these are just some of things i yearn for
okla i got quite alot of stuff lately
more Tiffany necklaces - and i want more
very expensive watch from baby

peace . love . happiness