November 21, 2009

smashing night

it was
not a figure of speech
but literally, i smashed a coffee mug
there are 1001 reasons as to why i smashed the mug
could be because i was too happy-euphoric?
maybe the mug looked ugly
it made the coffee taste like oxtail soup or, or
it was too heavy for my delicate hands, or
maybe i followed instructions of feng shui masters Lillian Too or Joey Yap
anyhow, i smashed the cup
'nuf said

it was suppose to be a memorable night
oh yes it was
the balloons, cake, present, room service and all
but it had to end with a broken glass
heck blame it on me
i have the habit of breaking mugs
trust me nothing can be as fulfilling as breaking a mug
it's out of this world

the night is made even more spectacular
when doors were slammed
balloons were popped
in anger mind you
tantrums... oooo don't you just love them
just when you are trying your best to avoid an argument
a glass breaks out of nowhere
after 15 min of holding it in

last year's birthday was a real bombastic one
this year - S M A S H I N G
i would never forget what happened last night
everything is taken into account
imma bad gal i smash mugs
the blame is on the ungrateful me
thanks for taking your time to impress me
i appreciate all of it, even the tantrums

a big shout out to all of you who wished me happy birthday on facebook
it is the greatest social networking site
a big hand to those of you who sent a personal sms
u know who you are ....
thank you for having me in your thoughts

on birthdays they normally say
many happy returns of the day.........
i think not
many more to come?
i fucking hope not

happy birthday to me