November 21, 2009


Ivan's birthday
though there were only 4 of us
we were very happy
eating seafood at pantai indah
followed by a singing session at Neway karaoke
and when the clock struck 12
Wendy came in with a cake
which really gave Ivan a surprise

I was really happy that my friend was happy that night
i was so carried away i took a mic and began singing along with Wendy
that woman can really sing
and guess what?
she sings with Hannah Tan and her sister
I can't wait to meet Hannah Tan
another Malaysian export

I wish Wendy was here
How i wish i could go to HK and China with her tomorrow
but who am I fooling?
who am I anyway.....
anyway pictures to show....

***surprise surprise***
he didn't see this one coming
plus one!


wtf two chicks singing the birthday song in three languages
face still so sotong
brother face can more happy or not

super nanny tai who made everything happen
i wished she could've done the same for my birthday
i wished i was allowed to go with her to HK and China
wishes never come true
wishes are like what ifs
in life there are no what ifs
it is either you do it or you don't
and she, my friends, falls into the first category
i salute her

e hopes Ivan had a great night