October 17, 2009

Want a

toned body?
healthier lifestyle?
workout in a conducive environment?
shape up to boost your self-confidence?
take the first step
join a gym
not just any gym
but the biggest gym in kuching

Level Up
promises to give you all the above
to find out more
please visit their roadshow
at The Spring
where trained professionals
will brief you
what Level Up is all about

sign up now and receive a goody bag
enjoy special introductory fees
only for three days
so don't miss out
see you there
come anytime between 12 noon and 10pm
and be amazed!

here's an insight
of what u'll see at the roadshow

meet the chief executive director, kenny

pardon the noise in the picture
*camera's getting old....
cx2 when will i get hold of u?

this picture speaks volumes
there is growing awareness among localites to lead a healthier lifestyle

level up, what does it mean to you?
you work your way up

look at those sexay beasts..
can't wait to work on em

another gym enthusiast

join a gym today!!