October 17, 2009

1001 reasons

to go clubbing
alright maybe not 1001
but personally
i like clubbing because
it helps reduce stress
i like people watching
there is small talk
*hard to come by when you spend most of the time at home
there's a reason to dress up
cheer yourself up
listen to music
drink ribena
meet people you haven't seen in donkey years
take pictures to remind yourself of the good times when you are old
dance your worries away
editing the pictures afterwards
it's therapeutic for me
and the list goes on

went for Soho's soft opening last night
like old times it was packed to the max
familir faces there were a few
i'd secretly wished there were more
but the night was cut short because i twisted my ankle

look a finger!

nite out ain't complete without a picture with John, the veteran clubber

last shot taken was with emil

my night ended early
cinderella left before midnight
you know before
everything turns back into their original state

e surfs through soho