October 5, 2009

happy birthday to

happy birthday to mum
mum thought i'd forgotten all about her birthday
when she called to remind me about the dinner at 4points
one of the latest hotels in town
she got a bit upset when i told her that
i couldn't make it
because i know we always start early
& i don't finish till eight you see

so when my immediate superior let me off early
after i'd done all my work
i was thankful and happy
and decided to surprise my mum
and boy was she surprise to see me pop up all of a sudden
at the dinner
of course she was happy
that all of us could make it
and that to me was more than enough

my present for mum this year
was another angpow
since she already has enough
cosmetics and skincare
besides clothes are hard to buy
cause sometimes its just not her taste ;*
not saying either one of us has bad taste
i think we just like different things
so the best was to give her cash to let her buy whatevs she liked

apologize for the noise in foodie picchas
wasn't suppose to be taking picchas of them
that explains for the blurriness
neways i was eventually spotted
and told not to take picchas
so damn embarrassing ok
luckily there weren't that many table
saw my other aunty and her family that night

we had a buffet dinner that night
i must say i was impressed with the
variety of food choices that night
ranging from chinese to japanese to western
we were spoilt for choices
but because there was so much
i didn't manage to quite taste them all
there was even a dessert section
where you could create your own ice kacang!!!

it's almost time for work
post up the rest of the picchas either at work
or when i get home
alot more to come
stay tuned

e is for ericka