October 5, 2009

asian sex pots

like if you asked me
for a list of female uber hot babes
i can name at least 10
top of my head
but when it comes to their
male counterparts
it took me quite a while
to make my compilation

and there were only three in my list
either i have lost touch with the
media world
or there aren't that many hot asian guys
how many can you think of?
but then again everybody's definition
of hot is different
as the saying goes
beauty is in the eye of the beholder

and top of my list
is of course
Mr Daniel Wu
not only is he tall
but what ruffles my feathers most
is his lips
he has sexy lips * droolz*
and he speaks good english
i think he is multi-lingual
not that it adds to the "hot" factor

did you know that this Asian hearthrob
can actually fight?
throw more than a punch
not many know that he learnt the art of kungfu
he is probably more famous
for his roles as a lover
or a cop or something artsy fartsy
i remember being told that his only
regret was that he has not acted in
a kung fu flick, ever

neways on with the next male sex pot
which i think has got to be
Daniel Henney
yes, another Daniel
are all Daniels good-looking?
this eurasian's claim to fame
was a role in a k-drama
which catapulted him into the Korean limelight
half british half korean
he is idolized by millions worldwide i believe

coming third in place is another uber hot Korean dude
Won Bin
though he doesn't grace the magazines
as much as his counterparts does
he is a total sex pot
there is something about him
perhaps the ruggedness
or issit his lips
that tickles my fancy
you be the judge

and that concludes my list of hot asian studs
i really can't think of anyone else
that I can add to the list
mebbe its high time i watch more TV
update myself
but three is enough for me
oh btw
this piccha i found on the net
is also not too bad
though he is not one of my favs

but the intensity of his eyes in this piccha just blows you away doesn't it
agree with me
it is hard to take purrrfect picchas like this one
i think this one's a perfect 10
and i have to admit
that i loved him in red cliff
those of you who haven't seen it
watch it
total awesomeness

e goes back to work