September 23, 2009

never been a

big fan of bing's
until i tried their iced blended choc rhumba
with biscuits
then onwards
it's been bing bing bing for me
more bings when i tasted their
mango smoothie
ahhhh bing
what a treat after a long day at work
i heart bing

but that's not to say that i'll stay away from starbux
yet, bing's got great interior design
very bali-nish inspired
starbux on the other hand
is just very
both are great!!

.:sinful rhumba i call it:.

pardon the noise
pardon the sin
we rhumba-ed together for the first time
happy birthday to you

reminisce the good ol times
with picchas and what nots
i remember you
i feel you
do u?

he'll watch over you