September 21, 2009

if life presented you with

a pool of guys
ala it's raining men
what would you do?

a) runaway
b) excuse yourself because you have something better to do
c) continue playing with your bb or iphone
d) ask for direction to the loo
e) go back to sleep
f) flirt with every single one of them
g) introduce them to your girlfriends
h) vomit all over your dress so you could leave wherever it is you are at that time
i) announce your name
j) twirl your hair
k) exchange phone numbers
l) tell them you are married
m) rummage your bag for a ring, any ring
n) tell them you have a shrink
o) act like a moron
p) chin up and introduce yourself
q) pop a xanax
r) ask if he is married
s) act selfish, vain and conceited
t) sing national anthem
u) tweet about how happy you are
v) enjoy their companion
w) ask their occupation
x) tell them how much you love make up and extensions
y) tell them u don't feel like communicating
z) tell them you are gay

i'd do them all i think
from a to z