August 27, 2009

welcome home !!

one friggen week in Copenhagen
with Tiger Translate
was like years longggggg
i've missed you
like in my text messages
no one to go to Paradise with ;(

.:lauded for their cheesecakes:.

lunch @ Tom's was good
i ordered a raspberry blackberry
didn't know it was fizzy until it was served
anyhoots it was refreshing
tasted like ribena just less ooomph
for lunch i picked out something light
a chicken pie
mushy but overall not too bad
my friend had the spicy bbq chix set ;)

.:berryberry drink:.

.:chicken pie with salad at side:.

.:oozing with goodness:.

.:looking smug or full, i dunno:.

right after lunch
we testdrove the Vios
that Toyota lent to him
for a review
it was so, oh my, pimp my ride
hot rods baby
it was TRD all the way
sporty seats and all

.:kenny and one heckuva vios:.

.:even the trunk looks different:.

.:take a look at the back seats:.
very the recaro
btw this is for free
until i join the ranks of my fellow friend
i won't be getting paid an obscene amount for reviews heh

.:i dunno if it's just this one:.
but the wheel's got dials to control music volume
correct me if i'm wrong
i don't think he knows either
don't bother, i don't know either
i know you'll be reading heh
and you look like you're burnt

.:dumb and dumber in the car:.

oh well the perks of being a celebrity blogger
first you get something small like a camera to review
then a free trip to Denmark with Tiger
and now a free car to drive away
gimme one reason not to blog
but i know him better
i know what he loves more
his baby project!

not sworn to secrecy
but won't spill on him either

the new vios was miles different
from the one i used to own
but one thing remains the same
which is the main decision factor
when it comes to buying cars
and i'm proud Toyota has been able
to hold its reputation for its leading position in

.:RPM blasts off, NOT:.

and because i said that
he had to step on it

doing dinner next before he flies off to Melbourne
save room for me