August 28, 2009


takes on a whole new meaning during bulan Ramadhan
a month when the muslims fast
during the day
and break fast at night and early morning

for some reason
i decided to take picchas of myself
in the car to show
how disgruntled or dispirited
one can get while driving
during bulan puasa

.:pleased cause no jam:.

.:at 11.10a.m:.
i'm not blaming it on ramadhan
but it becomes quite an issue somehow during this month

.:look at the pile up behind me:.

the roads were already congested in the morning
long gone are the days
when my dad used to take
five minutes from home to town
families used to own two cars at the most back then
hearsay four or five is the norms today

.:by 3p.m:.
cars are left right center
can barely smile for the camera

.:cars cars cars:.
blardy hell
there are queues everywhere i turn

.:look at the jam:.

the trouble is
everybody owns a car today
and with more being added each day
Kuching is gradually becoming like KL
with ever congested conditions as traffic grows
somebody must put a stop to this
i love kuching because it takes ten minutes to get everywhere
but that may soon change
just a matter of time

.:by 5p.m when everyone knocks off:.
bracing for the worse
expecting more cars now

should we emulate the Singaporeans?
implement ERP an electronic toll collection scheme
to manage traffic by road pricing
particularly in the central business district area
but it is happening everywhere here
solution anyone?

pek chek is happy her car is small