August 17, 2009

Sleeping monster!!!!

yes that's me
i was up the whole of last night
to send me lil bro
to the airport this morning
at around 4.45a.m
i was so afraid i couldn't wake up
so ended up staying up
waiting for him to wake up

this was followed by prayers at the temple
and after that
i pigged out right from 11a.m to 6p.m
before i went for dinner
at continental tea house
that's some pretty hardcore sleeping
my face looks bloated from all that sleeping
wanna see?

lemme try a webcam shot
.:ooooooooo my so effin bloated:.
see the sides of my face?
i know its a bit blurry
it is a cam shot lolx

they say if you don't have
a distinctive jawline
means you are bloated
and mine, is not that pronounced
does that mean i stay up tonight?
or do i get some more sleep?
oh gawd
there is so much DRAMA in my life
just ova sleep alone

.:oops my nails look horrible in this one:.
i've been picking on them
they look all ugly now
in fact imma gonna wash them off
b4 i go pick patsy to send some
stuff back to my gf nancy
till then

wonders if she should sleep early