August 11, 2009

of self confidence and such

any dude can tell if a chicca
has got it together by observing us
for eg if we walk chin up
our mannerisms of communication
how we approach someone
are all indicators
of how confident we really are
i am doomed

my confidence level fluctuates with my body weight
attempts to workout or stick to a strict
diet regime have been futile
the belly's growing
along with the increase in appetite
the crunches and endless situps
have led to zero success
prior to this they have been
quite effective in keeping
my body lean and toned
the mind is not positive
a far from admirable trait

i relish the times when i was labeled
fatso or fei mui and refuse
to hear those names again
imma gonna work harder in getting back
to my goal of 43kg and
a strong will power is key!!!
dear God if you wont make me any skinnier
please make everyone else fatter

i admit i am selfish

ericka piles on the pounds