August 11, 2009

my erratic eating habits

has resulted in drastic weight gain
from coffee in the morning
to dinner at night
my daily intake now has increased
drastically to noodles for breakfast
assorted kueh mueh for lunch
nasi lemak for tea break
dinner followed by supper at midnight

the weight gain has been questioned
by my doctor who believes that
a 4kg increase in 10 days
is simply abnormal!!!!
models and actresses are not the only ones
in the world who worry about weight
commoners like moi also worry about it
and with good reason
i am not even seeing anyone yet!!!

somebody or some magic pill has gotta
help me zap away da mad fatness
that has made me look noticeably
fuller figured of late
here's a piccha that doesn't show
me being fat at all haha
edited by a friend
at least i don look fat here

ericka pledges to shed the pounds
uber mad