August 12, 2009

my silly car window

decided to fail me again
this time on the passenger side
the cable's gone haywire
or some menacing bug may have found its way to hustle me
i took my car to the dealer's today
cause i had to get it fixed
getting on my nerves really

just the other day
i had the seats reconditioned
yesterday i found the driver's side
not working * fuming
cause i paid a good RM480 to have
both sides fixed
just seats alone

my front lip and side fender will
burn my pocket by another RM700
that i haven't got around to it yet
but windows are more important to me
the other day when i brought my
brother to the airport at 5.15am
the exclamation mark indicator was lit
what the heck was wrong with the car????

Brian, who sold me the car
told me that my tires were punctured
by something somehow
something goes wrong with it every month
it's like i see Brian almost
every now and then
maybe it's the car
wtf !!!

at Tan Brother's one will see
an array of imported cars
new or reconditioned
mostly reconditioned to look spanking new
if only i could take me pick
one ride per day
dream dream dream
doesn't hurt to dream and belief!

.:one side of the lot:.

Business is good here
the last time i came
there were hell lotsa cars
this time i saw less, much less
hmmmph maybe they ran out of cars
but impossible
they offer one of the most widest range of cars
in town

.:on the other side of the pond:.

if i could drive away one car
it would be the six series beemer
the millionaire car
but wait
there's also the aston martin vantage
only drawback is, it's in dark red haha
then there is the silvia S15
for hardcore drifters
or the fairlady
for the rich tai tais
and i'm none of those

.:the oshkoshbgosh car:.

.:va-va-vroom vantage:.

.: one for the drifters teehee:.
i had a silvia before
but that was a long time ago

.:common among tai tais:.

of course one should never forget
about the business man car
especially in this part of the world
one of the most renowned marques
that defines success and wealth
the Mercedes-Benz

.:the merc that often depicts a man loaded with obscene cash:.

left the car with Brian and
dad, mum and i went for breakfast
at premier 101
where i had noodles and roti kahwin
i had both
i know i'm not supposed to
i camwhored along the way
*trying to distract you from the fact that i had both

.:really love this dress:.
someone actually asked for help to get this dress
a similar one
next month i promised

.:feeling sad cause the extension's gonna have to come off soon:.

.:looking a bit grim cause mi tummy was growling:.
@ back seat of dad's car
hungry as

i went back to collect my car
at about 3.30pm
and boy did it look good after
a good scrub and wash
such a waste not to take a pic of it
most importantly
i was told it cost nothing to drive it away
kid you not!!

.:my hubbabubba so fresh & so klean klean:.

just because of that
i stayed a bit longer to chat
with Brian who normally is busy as hell
i brought the subject of John
perhaps wanting to buy a new car
so we started calculating
how much it'd cost him
monthly installments
for a 9-year RM40-50k loan

.:getting better at it:.

maybe i should think about getting a job here
why not
business is good
cars are aplenty
the pay may not be that appealing
but the commission sure is
especially if you are a hardsell
mulling over it

.:the piccha speaks volumes for itself:.

am good buying, but selling?

ericka turns to cars