August 12, 2009

help me decide!!!

i know nothing when it comes
computers and such
therefore i am asking for help here
from those of you who genuinely
know a tad about laptops or netbooks
do leave a comment before i buy the wrong
netbook and regret later

inititially i was introduced to eeepc
by a colleague who had just bought it
and it looked very sleek and nice to hold
that cost him about RM2k including
all the accessories he had gotten at the same time
and my girlfriends, cynthia and amanda were also raving
about the eeepc

i read several reviews and they ranked eeepc
right up there with the acer aspire one
which costs much less than the eeepc
but can do an equally good job
i guess it all comes down to design
speaking of design i was attracted
to Dell mini in jade green while browsing around
in low yat with him 2 weeks ago
sadly they didn't have any in stock
and i left empty-handed

but when i returned to kuching
i found that the insides of the Dell was
extremely plasticky
it was placed right next to the toshiba
which had the zaniest looking keyboard
it was so cool it was love at first sight
but they said that the hinge would grow rusty in time

so i turned to the acer inspire one
black and boring
but cheap @RM1,399 and it has all the specs
the eeepc 1005 HA has
i dunno
then there was the HP mini in matt black
which looked pretty enticing
if this gets any harder

i'd probably buy Kenny's netbook
for an undisclosed sum of course
that's what friends are for
but Kenny's advise was to get the Acer
which was cost-effective
and i agree with him
although when it comes down to design
i'd rate it a 5/10

guys help me here
you think you know your gadgets well??
should i get the
  1. Acer Inspire One @ RM1,399 (black)
  2. HP Mini 110-1006TU @ RM1,399 (black)
  3. Dell Mini 10v @RM1,499 (comes in 7 colors)
  4. Toshiba NB205 @ RM1,66 (comes in 4 colors)
  5. Asus eeepc 1005 HA @ RM1,599
  6. Asus eeepc HE @ RM1,499
  7. Asus eeepc PC.S101H @RM1,799
i am spoilt for choice

imma upload some pictures for you to help me choose
please be wise in helping me pick
factors that influence my purchasing decision are as follows
  • design
  • battery life
  • portability
  • good graphics
  • cost-effective
piccha time

first up
.:the Kenny Acer superstar:.
CPU: 1.6-GHz Intel Atom N270
Operating System: Windows XP Home (with SP3)
Hard Drive/Speed: 120GB/5,400-rpm

1gb ram

.:this is the one i am considering now:.
Intel Atom N280 Processor (1.66 Ghz)
160GB (5400 rpm) Hard Drive
1024MB DDR2 SDRAM (1 Dimm)
Microsoft Windows XP Home Service Pack 3 for ULCPC Program
Webcam, 10.1" Diagonal SD Anti-glare Widescreen Display
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with shared graphics memory
802.11 b/g WLAN
5-in-1 digital media reader
3-cell Lithium-Ion battery

RM1,399 (offer price)
.:the one i fell in love with in KL:.
intel atom processor
genunine windows XP eidition
memory 1gb
glossy 10.1"display (1024x576) WSV GA
integrated graphic 945GSE UMA Graphics Accelerator
160GB SATA HDD 2.5 inch 5400RPM
up to 16GB Solid SSTar Drive MLC
(%^&$%^%^%$^%$^) wtf

.:the one with the separate keypad to die for:.
but no rusty hinges for me!!
CPU: 1.66-GHz Intel Atom N280
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home (SP3)
RAM/Expandable to: 1GB/2GB
Hard Drive Size/Speed: 160GB/5,400 rpm
Optical Drive: N/A
Display/Resolution: 10.1-inches/ 1024 x 600

.:the sexy clamshell eeepc 1005HA:.
intel atom N280 processor
10"LCD (1024X600)
Genuine M/S Window XP Home

.:this one's (1000HE) abit on the bulky side:.
intel atom N280 processor
Genuine M/S Window XP Home

.:love this sleek and sexy machine:.
intel atom n270 processor
10" inch slim wide LED backlight
160gb hdd/1gb ram
intel uma/wi fi/lan
genuine m/s windows xp home

hearsay Asus releases the same model in pink in
collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)
supporting the pink ribbon cuase
by donating a portion
each eeepc S101H sold

so which is it guys?
all the specs, prices and numbers
i really outta get some comments for this one

clueless ericka