August 9, 2009

My last day in Kl

was spent wandering around
in Sunway Pyramid
after lunch
Kim Gary's
my usual favorite haunt
no other char charn teng
can beat Kim Gary's well at least
to me
that of course comes after other favorites
Aunt Anne's pretzels, yum
.:pretzels in one hand:.

.:gained so much weight this trip:.

with me was of course my usual
homies, ivan and agu
ivan makes it a point to send
me off to the airport every time i
am in KL
lovely or not?
agu also made time to come over to have a drink
i was surprised to see a new menu
all color co-ordinated
me hearts

.:preety pretty colors:.

.:my absolut favorite:.

.:not to miss is tea in HK style:.
p/s: no pun intended but i think KL has better nai cha than HK.
dunno if its just me, hehe

.:full and happy:.

.:busy agu making time for me:.

.:me hearts ivan:.

.:coy coy:.

.:lunch for three, cheap as!:.

Sunway was a real challenge for me
as i keep telling myself NO SHOPPING
i purposely made myself
walk around the mall
that had the word SALE splattered
all over their windows and
walk past all my favorite boutiques
without trying anything on
except for Oriental Noble
where i tried on a cheongsam
luckily it wasn't something i was looking for
thus i came out of Sunway unscathed

.:the ever gorgeous angelababy:.

.:window shopping sucked:.

.:new collection my arse:.

.:a tad too fat for sweets:.

.:i'd like to have a Miss e shop:.

i even graced the IT section
thinking that i'd definitely get the netbook
but not one shop had the Dell mini in jade green
safe again
but the Dell fell out of favor for the eeepc now
i saw the eeepc yesterday
just not in the color i wanted
green had to be ordered
again i managed to save more than 1.6k

.:back in the carpark:.
look a cooper!!
had to take it cause of the color

i know i sound like a real stinge now
but i have to deal with the reality that
no income means no shopping

shopaholic turns pek chek again