August 9, 2009

My first BAT event

i must say was real fun
the motto of
the night
was elevate
DJs and MCs
along with other BAT reps
were flown over
to Kuching
to give
us locals
an uplifting experience
Terminal One
.:held @ Terminal One:.

.:elevate invite:.

what sucked was that
i brought my camera
without the memory card
screwed over and over
picchas below will reveal
who did the most damage
screwing the hell outta me

.:Polaroided nancy and i:.

.:then there was sophia:.

.:one alone:.

oh well
luckily there were some
kind ambassadors
who were nice enough
to help
us take heaps
of pictures
for us to take
back as memoirs


now we all know who

ericka cleans up
oh the hair, the hair
what a mess