August 13, 2009

got substance induced psychosis

diagnosis today
during my second trip to the
psychiatry department @
the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH)
i make it no secret that i have tried almost
everything under the sun
a decade ago
recreational pharmaceuticals
thus i am dealing with
the resulting consequences

.:on my way to SGH:.

.:unlike Gleneagles in KL, SGH was less welcoming:.

.:a time for reflection:.

life is suffering
to quote Buddha
many a time it is more than
just suffering
we have good times
and baaaaad times
come think of it bad times
are interrelated to happier times

hindsight tells me that
karma is just behind you
or perhaps two steps ahead
whatever it is
a positive mind or not
shit happens

.:you reap what you sow:.

we ask ourselves
how do we heal from it all
time heals all pain
but mine
i recall both happy and bad times
i can almost relive it
i just pretend to forget about it
i'm done being a bad gal
imma be a good gal now

.:my next doctor's visit:.

fingers crossed
ericka wants happier times