August 13, 2009

Air Asia's Big Sale

has got me really confused
but tempted anyhow
the fares aren't exactly dirt cheap
but they are cheaper than what MAS has to offer
on certain routes
actually on most routes

i keep telling myself i need a break
but i have no idea where to go
or who to go with
or if i should go it alone
perhaps join HB on Aug 28th to Sri Lanka
or another short KL trip with Kenny
but i have my Penang getaway planned
for early September

i'd like to go back to Jakarta
i was there earlier this year in April
for a 3-day visit
short, but i managed to squeeze
in alot of activities
especially at night
more like a clubbing trip

.:view from my room:.

.:put up at dusit @ mangga dua:.

.:still lean back then:.
*spoilt my shoes during this trip*

.:outside the hotel:.

.:tight security control:.

besides the hotel which was gurrreatt
i also had to chance to eat
real Indonesian food
and for the first time
not at some jacked up prices
reasonably priced local food
kept my tastebuds happy
and tongue tingling


.:on board menu:.

for two consecutive days
we woke up to peking duck lunch
anymore luxurious?
so on the third day
i snucked down to the coffee house
for a decent buffet breakfast
american, english, local
and explored the rest of the hotel

.:last call when i arrived at 10a.m:.

.:view from where i ate:.

.:well fed plants:.

.:alfresco dining:.

.:an eye for the incredulous:.

though our night itinerary was
packed to the max
from singing in private k-rooms
during happy hours
to dancing in 3-storey mega clubs
(in VIP room with private balcony)
till the wee hours of the morning
passing out only after dawn
i felt like my trip
was not really complete


there wasn't any shopping involved!!
imma go back to Jakarta
and hit ITC Kuningan as told
and hearsay an onslaught of
new shopping malls are sprouting up
so everyone can shop till they drop!!
gonna work the airasia page now

shopaholic says Jakarta! Jakarta!