August 2, 2009

Age does not scare me

nasal labial folds
are getting on my nerves lately
especially when i have to
edit my picture
each time i want to post them up

cheek folds naturally appear when your age
hits the roof
mine was part of my 30-year old present
from the great man himself
(take a guess)

research tells me that there are
no simple solutions
to get rid of these nasty buggas
creams, ointments &
even supplements
will not work

what would help
are collagen filler injections such as
Botox and Restylane
yet it does not solve the root problem
because these babies lasts
for only at most
6 months

A trip to the salon
any certified beauticians
will most likely put a hole in your pocket
by say RM2.5k
for a complete course of
wrinkle injections or dermal fillers

and i believe the great man himself
has put me on a real test
this interesting discovery could not have come
at a better time
especially when i am on medical leave
which literally means
i have no extra cash to spare

besides losing these mofo labial folds
i am thinking hard, with or without a cap
to go for another holiday
but what is a vacation without
bunch of tight mates?

there is always the option of going it alone
but who's gonna take picchas of ya?
this could be the start of my mid-life crisis
brought forward
by at least ten years
HE does not love me
HE does not love me at all

but i refuse to the accept that!!
common sense or rather simple maths
tells me that i need at least
RM20 per day
ok maybe less
to get myself (*car) going
unless i stay at home
and do fuckall

i am pouring my heart out
after its been chewed to pieces
hit by the reality that
i have mounting debts to pay
and my savings are going nowhere
but near depletion
i praise myself for that!!

countless attempts to sell my clothes
online has yielded
nothing in return
this results in more dilemma
adding to my
existing medical condition
that can only be
cured with
more and more medication

i should just dig a hole and bury myself
not out of humiliation
but failure
achieve anything that i have set out

pek chek waves goodbye to youth
with deepening labial folds